JSC "Fornestas". was established in 1994. Number of employees - 100 ). Total turnover in 2004 was 1,7 mil.EUR ; Our main officiant factory is located near Kaunas, in centre of Lithuania. Since foundation our company specializes in selling, processing, import and export of wood and wood products. Our factory have 2,5 ha area. We have wood kilns capacity 400 m3. Our company produce to 80 m3 glued products (panels, frames)per month and use it for our furniture making . Our furniture department produce to 2000 tables and to 200 units of different oak wood furniture: sideboards, vitrinas, commodas,dressers etc. We produce wide range of furniture: solid wood, combined with veneer. Use oak an walnut veneer. Finishing in oil, pained and lacquered.